More Noise For Life Vol 12, 18-19 August 2017

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MORE NOISE FOR LIFE is D.I.Y. festival raw punk d-beat crust hc/ grind friendly bands, only D.I.Y. punk, no commercial bands will be supported here, no tolerance of sexism, racism, authority and another likewise shit. At the place you´ll find distros, vegan food, included a benefit money box for animal freedom. If you´re interested to play here or you got a distro, you´re heartily welcomed, write to email. Everything is done D.I.Y., this way all the money from the entrance goes to the bands for travelling expenses, think of that. No shitty people, no DOGS! 


Polis ​Äckel-Security shutdown 7"

Anarchist raw punks Polis ​Äckel strike again with Security Shutdown an eight track 7 inch vinyl, released by Imminent Destruction. For those who are not familiar with the band, Polis ​Äckel come from Marche region near Ancona and Ascoli, they started in late 2014 and their name means "disgust the police", there is a brief interview in Maximum Rock n Roll, you can read it here. Their first cassette Wolrdwide Death Culture was a great shit of raw punk and Security Shutdown follows the same pathway: '8 new tracks of fast, raw and chaotic anger! As furious and nihilistic lyrically as they are musically, following on from where their 10 track demo from last year left off, the intensity is raised further with these new recordings, blending Disclose, Shitlickers, Frigora,Anti Cimex, Maquina Muerta etc' they deliver a sonic chaos, distorted and primitive raw punk simillar to Electric Funeral, Paranoid, Death Dust Extractor, Disease, Life Chain, Disguise and the likes. What makes a difference here is the lyrics: Polis ​Äckel deliver socio-political-anaechist lyrical content instead of the usual anti-war polemic verses calling for social revolt, fiery as their music. As epilogue: This band delivers the goods and is among the best raw punk bands coming out of Italy i can only compare them with Kompott. Security Shutdown is available from Imminent Destruction and also in bandcamp for streaming

Imminent Destruction


Casket Garden-The World Against Its Self

Casket Garden is a crust duo from Tuskan Italy and The World Against Its Self is their second recording after In The Name Of Nobody (posted here). Just like their first work, The World Against Its Self came out in digital format, not any physicial format around. Music wise they continue the same pathway of D-beat crust with metal hints, blending back and death metal with crust and raw punk. Five tracks and nearly fifteen minutes of raw crust. Available in bandcamp



Porvenir Oscuro-Demo 2016

Female fronted chaotic raw punk D-beat from New York, United States. I don't know anything about this band, not any site on the web. Thiis is their demo recorded in 2016, it consists six tracks and delivers nearly eight minutes of primitive and distorted raw punk. Song titles are in spanish.. Apart from the girl who sings,there is another girl who bashes the drum kit. The demo was recorded in Brooklyn, NY at Your Village Studios, it came out as cassette and is available in bandcamp.


Doom-Europe 2016(tape)

Live Europe is a seventeen track tape released by Black Konfik and consists a live recording in Utrecht, Netherlands 09 April 2016 when Doom played there during their European Tour, the tracks were recorded by Erik Minnen. Seventeen od and new songs (you can see the tracklist here,) that bring you the feeling of a Doom's gig. The cassette sold out soon and now there is a repress . There is not any sound sample for this tape, if you wanna listen it you have to get a copy. the cassettes come with free sticker and high quality cover and printing


Cazador-Can I Leave?

this is Cazador from Columbia, South Caroina, United States nd deliver some powerviolence sick madness, the God Liquid demo was posted here some months ago. "Can I Leave?"  is 9 tracks of powerviolence with a hint of noise rock influences. Take Crossed Out if they only listened to Unsane. It was recorded with Roger Caughman from the band Ivadell. Art by @brainkief (instagram username) and Drawing Straws features Alex Strickland from Abacus and Bathe from Columbia. This is a collection of songs regarding the adversities any person shall go through during his or her life. It examines ones failures, the constant forms of judgement they will encounter and the feeling that life will only get worse. You want to leave, but you can't, so all you can do is mourn the fantasy world that you will never get the chance to visit. Available in bandcamp.Tapes will come out soon


Enzyme-Demo 2016

Enzyme hail from Melbourne, Australia and incl. people from Kromosom, Prag Pissichrist, Scab Eater and Unknown to God. The demo cassette was released in 2016 by Distracted By Reality and Brain Solvent Propaganda in 300 pro-printed clear purple tapes with green j-card. There is a European edition by Voice from Inside with clear tapes with labels and white j-card. Music wise Enzyme bring a storm of chaotic, raw and primitive crushercrust. 7 tracks and 8:30" of noize. Nothing less than raw noise.


Mob 47-Sjuk Värld tape

Official re-issue on pro-printed tape by Black Konflik in 2016, originally from Ägg Tapes 1984. 12 songs and nearly 10 minutes of Swedish punk. Each cassette comes with free sticker. "In the spring of 1984 Mob 47 released their EP (just called EP). Some of the songs was also found on the Really Fast Vol.1 compilation.After that, this tape (Sjuk Värld – Sick World) was released on Ägg and Tape records. The recording was made in the Bowlingstudio using a 4 channel porta equipment. Åke is a great bowler and the band had the studio in a bowling alley owned by his parents. You are to expect raw hardcore in maximum speed. (from Swedishpunkzines).



Jæng-Demo 2015

Jæng or JÆNG is a five piece noise act from OLympia Wasinghton, and this is their demo cassette released by Voice from Inside Records. Six tracks and 8:20'' of chaotic D-beat raw punk, fast, noisey and full of distortion and vocals full of reverb, This is a blast of D-beat noise and stands among the top demos for the subgenre for bands who pop up recently. I don't know if the release of Voice from Inside is the first or reissue, Total Negativity distro/label is suggested by the band to US people who want to buy a copy.  For all fans of Totalitar, Discard, Mob47, Ferocious X, Framtid. This is available in bandcamp



Age of Fear-Echoes of a Lost Age demo

Age of Fear come from Los Angeles, United States and Echoes of a Lost Age is their demo recorded and released as cassette in 2014 and here comes again in digital format including a previously unreleased track. This was in a totally DIY spirit: Copies were only made available directly through the band at live shows. Music wise, Echoes of a Lost Age consists of trour tracks and nearly fifteen minutes of melodic crust with metallic influences blending Tragedy and Wolfbrigade with neo-crust bands such as Ekkaia and the likes. All and all this is a good recording with nothing to complain about. There are aggressive riffs,with the appropriate dose of melody, rough vocals and the usual D-beat, sound quality is decent. The band seems to be active playing gigs in local scene. The demo is available in bandcamp



Disflesh-The Toxic Demos tape

Disflesh is the D-beat punk duo from Almeria Spain and its the child of 9mm, born in 2003 and later was joined by B-52, The Toxic Demos is a cassette consisting the songs of The Beginning of the End and Long Live the New Flesh demos from 2007 and 2009, Totally 12 songs and nearly 26 minutes of D-beat crusty noise. All tracks are remixed and remastered with different drum sound (Disflesh use drum machine). The tape was released by Dessorden Records in 2015 and is still available, also available in Disflesh bandcamp. All and all this is a nice piece of raw and aggresive D-beat shit, the sound of guitar is decent,  the vocals are rough, the drum machine is not annoying and fits with the rest instruments. Nice shit, go for it

Desorden fb
Desorden bigcartel


Disease-Neverending War Crimes lp

Disease need no introduction, the best D-beat raw punk band of Balkan hellhole strikes again with Neverending War Crimes, this is the first 12 inch record of these D-beat freaks, released by Rawmantic DisastersCrucificadosBlack Against Night and Grind Your Mind Records in 300 copies (200 black, 100 clear vinyl). The record delivers ten tracks of pure Disclose worship and a dose of chaotic and raging raw punk. Not any novelties, not acoustic intros, not melodic leading parts, just pure noise chords, i bet Kawakami approves this shit as he watches from heaven. By the time i m typing this, the band is on tour in Europe. You can stream the record in bandcamp or order it from the labels. And before the dust of Neverending War Crimes settles, a split 7" with Final Nightmare is on works and will come out soon



Relief-Demo tape 2016

Here is another diamond hidden among the dozens of new bands that pop up in bandcamp everyday: Relief come from Richmond, Virginia and deliver D-beat crust punk reminiscent of Doom in music and vocals.They are another case of obscure band with no any information floating on the web, just a vid here from Punx Picnic in January 2016 in Baltimore. Anyway the demo came out as cassette and is available from the band, (you can cintact them via mail in bandcmamp), it consists of nearly fifteen minutes of D-beat crust punk in the vein of Doom, Hiatus and the likes. even their name comes from a Doom song so what else you expect? even the vocals and the singing style reminds of Doom. oh and what a surpsise, there is a Relief cover here! This is fuckin great and stands among the best demo releases of this year. The cassettes include lyrics. The demo is available in bandcamp



Caustix-Total Noise War tape 2015

Now this is really good piece of D-beat: Caustix hail from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, they deliver D-beat raw punk,  i searched the web but i didnd't find any info about them, just some gigs they played in. Total Noise War is their debut release which came out in 2015 in 50 copies. Cassette's running time i short, the noise attack has complete the ear mayhem after 6:20", the first song is a little slower as a kind of intro to the upcoming sonic inferno. The rest  three tracks are a hell of noise.and deliver the goods. There's nothing to complain here, the distorted guitar sound, the echo-ed vocals, the bass lines and pummeling D-beat drumming, all create an aggressive and solid piece of raw punk. This stands equal to some well known names. Total Noise War came out in 50 copies on randomly coloured cassettes and is available in bandcamp


Methcharge-st tape

Relentless and chaotic raw noise punk from Richmond, Virginia, United States. This is Methcharge's st tape and brings nearly twelve minutes of noise not music, loud and cacophonous, primitive and ugly as can get. The sound is filthy and raw and production techniques is some kind of luxury and can't be found here. This is more or less a eardrum destroyer. The cassette comes with lyrics in the inlay. The band seems to be active since they recently played in several gigs in their local scene. Available in bandcamp. Said enuff.



Visions of Dystopia-st demo 2014

A few years ago i posted the demo of a band named Visions of Dystopia when someone contributed their demo tracks, link here, the band seemed already defunt and the demo was from 2009 or 2010 or so, A few years later and in 2014 Visions of Dystopia formed again and recorded seven songs incl. two old tracks and unleashed it in bandcamp. The new recording is in the same pathway of fast D-beat crust as their old demo but with much more brutality and better sound quality. The band seems to be inactive again since their farcebook isn't updated for a long time and i didn't find any physical format of demo. even the artwork they used is a picture from they had used for the first demo., looks like there is digital format only  for this.


Vägra-8 tracks demo tape, 2016

Another obscure band with name in Swedish and no any site on internet: Vägra (to refuse, to deny, to withold in Swedish) is a raw punk trio, they come from Gainesville, Florida,United States and this is their debut demo titled 8 tracks demonstration 2016. Just like the band of previous post, there's no any information on the web about them. The demo consists of eight tracks of D-beat raw punk with guitars full of delay and distortion and vocals in reverb. This (probably) came out as cassette and is available only via the band. This is primitive and raw, aggressive and chaotic, having all the elements the subegenre needs to deliver some good noise. You can stream the demo in bandcamp or contact the band for a physical copy, there's not any informaion about date of release, bandcamp says "April 20, 1969"!!!. No need to rant anyore. go listen it.